• Great Games for a Long Road Trip

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    Road trips with the family can be a great deal of fun or they can represent hours of driving hell. The determining factor is how the passengers are entertained between point “A” and point “B”. As opposed to in the past, the boredom associated with such journeys can be virtually eliminated with the help of modern technology. What types of games can be played on mobile phones and how can these help to transform a lengthy journey into a memorable experience?

    Virtual Poker

    The great thing about virtual poker is that there are no limitations in regards to gameplay. Whether you hope to compete for real money or to place yourself at the top of an online leader board, the possibilities are limitless. Still, it is always a good idea to learn the basic mechanics with the help of online tutorials such as those provided by Poker Coaching. As always, knowledge is power.

    All About Tradition

    Why stop at online betting platforms? One of the best ways to pass the time during a lengthy journey is to download classic games. Chess, checkers, solitaire and backgammon are only a few examples. Let’s also keep in mind that these games can be enjoyed by players of any age. Your passengers will remain entertained while you navigate to the intended destination.

    Mental Activities

    While games are excellent forms of distraction, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a bit of mental stimulation. It has been proven that brain teasers are excellent ways to remain entertained. Furthermore, there are a multitude of applications which can be downloaded for free. It should still be mentioned that you need to navigate to reliable providers in order to avoid viruses and similar threats. Thanks to digital smartphone technology, there are no limits in regards to what you can enjoy. Longer road trips no longer have to be associated with boredom thanks to this handful of tips.

  • Top Backseat Driving Games to Stave Off Boredom

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    There are times when a road trip can be a great deal of fun. Unfortunately, other instances are associated with hours of boredom. If you happen to be travelling with children or a group of friends, it is a good idea to be aware of a handful of games that can make the time pass much quicker. What are three ideas to consider during your next journey?

    The Licence Plate Game

    This is arguably one of the oldest games and yet, it is still perfectly relevant in these modern times. Each person will choose a word of between six and ten letters. Then, they will point out any passing vehicles that might contain these letters within their licence plates. The player who completes his or her word first is the winner. This is a particularly great game if you happen to be stuck in traffic on a large motorway.


    Poker is a highly intuitive game requiring a great deal of attention. These two qualities are perfectly matched with any road trip. If you are new to this type of competition, there are a wealth of resources available that will provide you with detailed advice in terms of concepts such as bluffing and basic strategy. You might even walk away slightly richer at the end of the trip!

    The Acronym Game

    This is another fun and entertaining activity that requires nothing more than a bit of imagination. Combine all of the letters within a certain licence plate such as “BYOB”. Convert these letters into an acronym and come up with an interesting phrase. This is very humorous and it is also great to play with children, as they can hone their word-constructing skills. There is no reason that you will be forced to succumb to boredom during the next road trip. Keep these games in mind, as the ride will be over before you know it.

  • Savvy Tech Gadgets for the Car

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    Cars are an essential part of our lives and we spend a considerable part of our lives in them. They also inspire sentimentality and can be referred to as the grown-ups’ toy. There is actually a crisis in most of the countries in the world because of traffic congestion experienced every day. That means there is a lot of free time spent in the car that could be put to better use. There are numerous savvy gadgets that can be added as a complement to the car.

    The most important gadget today would be the car-fi internet provider in the car. It enables car owners to have access to the internet while in their cars. Now car owners can continue to do their business transactions anywhere they are. An additional advantage is the ability to play their favourite games on the move. Children can play their favourite games on long drives. There will be no complaining about the traffic, or complaining that the journey is taking a long time. Adult passengers can access an online casino and play their favourite card games. Whether it is baccarat, blackjack or poker, these games can provide hours of fun for bored passengers. Long distance drivers and people who spend long hours in the car can really benefit from car-fi in order to listen to podcasts or radio shows. Plus they do not need to look for the hotspots whenever they stop in order to check emails. Built in screens on the backs of seats mean kids can also watch movies on long drives, this is a great tech gadget for a car because many people get car sick when they read or when they have to look down on an iPad or e-reader. Having the screens built in at eye level makes it much more comfortable, plus there is less likelihood of the screen getting broken if any backseat battles break out.

  • 3 ways to find the best used car parts online

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    Purchasing used car parts online doesn’t have to be a hassle. By doing a little research, and comparing prices, you will be able to save money on any used car parts that you need when fixing or making modifications to your vehicle. Here are some tips when buying used auto parts.

    1. Use the internet to find the best deals

    Use a search engine to find the cheapest and best quality used car parts in your local area. Always include the name of your nearest town or city in your search to find the best deals closest to you. You will then be able to filter your search results using criteria such as date and type to find the products that provide the best match for what you are looking for. A price comparison website will also enable you to compare different car part dealerships in your area.

    2. Use local newspapers and magazines

    Not all used car parts are advertised online. Look in your local newspaper or auto trade magazines to find the best used car parts. These adverts will include the price of the car part, and the reason why it is being sold. Contact the seller directly to find out if you will need to pick up the car part in person, or whether it can be delivered directly to your door.

    3. Find out more information about your vehicle

    Before making a purchase, find out about the condition of any used car parts, and whether they are compatible with your car. To do this, you will need to find out the make and the model of your vehicle, as well as the date of when your car was manufactured. You might also need to find your Vehicle Identification Number, which can normally be found on the dashboard of your vehicle. You might need to contact the manufacturer of your car if you are unable to find this information.

  • Tips for Buying New Car Parts Online

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    Purchasing new car parts with the power of the Internet is very useful and even the rarest of items can generally be found within seconds. However, there are still some great tips that will enable you to find the best dealer, the most agreeable prices and a secure guarantee. So, it is worth mentioning some suggestions which can help during the process.


    Any part chosen should come with a clear warranty. If there is any “fine print” that appears questionable, it should be explained by the supplier in question. Having said this, it is best to avoid online auction portals. Although the prices may be significantly less, it is likely that any warranty will be null and void when an item is purchased in this manner. Choosing well-known suppliers or going directly to the website of the manufacturer is the wisest option.

    Third-Party Reviews

    Listen to what others may be saying. Simply because a part is new does not signify that it is free from defects or manufacturing issues. Look into joining forums where ideas can be exchanged. Another powerful option that should not be overlooked is the third-party review site. As you will be able to enjoy a completely unbiased opinion, selecting the best part suddenly becomes much easier.

    Terms and Conditions

    Be wary of any supplier that sends along lengthy and complicated terms and conditions. If you receive five pages of nearly unintelligible text, the chances are high that you may not be aware of obscure details. In turn, this could jeopardise any warranty which you think you have. In other words, simplicity is always desirable in this case. Obviously, any questions should be adequately and promptly addressed as soon as they are asked. This is a hallmark of a trustworthy online supplier.With these few tips, you can remain confident in the knowledge that only the best new car parts will be made available. Ultimately, you can take the guesswork out of the entire buying process.

  • Restoring your car – what equipment is needed?

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    Restoring a classic car is a challenging but very satisfying hobby. One of the first things to consider is space: you will need a garage or other undercover area for the project. If you do not have space at home, you might think about renting a workshop, as trying to work in cramped conditions has been the cause of many restorations being abandoned, unfinished. Restoring your dream car to its original condition is a long-term project, and you should plan the project carefully to avoid frustration and disappointment.You may already have a good selection of tools, but make a checklist and see what else you need to get. To save your budget, ask around your family and friends for items that you might be able to borrow. Some tips for the basics include:

    Wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers

    A great selection of wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers is a basic requirement for your project. If your classic car is a European model, you will need metric tools. Save space and keep your tools organised and easy to find in a Tool Chest.


    Some air tools will make life easier for you, and to power them you will need a compressor. Buy a mid-price range one if your budget permits, as you will be able to run many tools from it and also use it for spraying.

    Air tools – saw, drill and wrenches

    Air tools will speed up many tasks and save you a great deal of time and effort. A sand blaster will make light work of removing rust.

    Car Mover

    A car mover is an excellent idea if you are working on your restoration project in a confined space. They enable one person to move a vehicle efficiently and without risk of injury.

    Trolley Jack

    Get a 2 tonne trolley or floor jack that is capable of raising your car at least 33mm. Once your car is lifted, use a pair of axle stands to support it. A drive-on ramp is a good idea if you are planning to spend much time working underneath your car.

  • Restoring Your Car – Things You Can Do Yourself

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    Have you ever wondered how much money would it cost to restore your old car? Whether you are interested in repairing you own vehicle or you would just like to make your car run and look better than ever. Here you will be able to learn some helpful tips that will not only allow you to fix your vehicle and replace some of its parts, but also to find everything it is needed to know about restoring your car to its original condition.

    Car Restoration for Beginners

    Restoring a vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult task if you know what to do and what to look for in a car. While people usually tend to consider this a very hard process, the fact is that it is extremely easy to diagnose problems and pull off a series of easy maintenance fixes that will allow your car to run just like the first day. The first thing to take into account is that in order to restore a car it is not necessary to resort to professional help, especially in those cases where you only need to replace a few simple pieces or tune-up some of your car’s electronic equipment.

    Fix Your Vehicle By Yourself

    By making a quick diagnosis, you will be able to figure out whether you will have to take your car to a professional shop or try to restore your car by yourself. Once you have located the problem or the pieces to refurbish or repair, it is necessary to set a budget and get all the necessary tools you will need. Among them, it is highly recommended to prepare some wrenches, a series of screwdrivers, ratchets, some safety glasses, and some paint, in particular if you are planning on restoring your car’s original paint job.Although many people usually focus on the exterior of the car by clearing or replacing the lenses, applying touch-up paint or repairing the body of the car, it is also very important to spend some time on the interior. In fact, many the interior installation of the vehicle is sometimes neglected in favour or taking care of scratches or removing rust spots. It is imperative to focus on the electronic systems from time to time, and that is why calibrating your on-board computer or replacing some of the sensors might be a great idea.

    The Best Places to Learn How to Restore Your Car

    Thanks to the Internet, it is now nearly effortless to get some easy instructions on how to restore your car, but also on how to find some of the original parts of the vehicle. The latter is especially important for those people that intent to make their car look just like the original model, making their vehicle much more valuable in the process.While there is a lot of information out there, it is always a good idea to try to learn more about car restoration by visiting some forums or by joining a restoration club. There, you will be able to find people just like you that will probably help you and will help you with everything you need to know. Last of all, it is also suggested to visit an expert in order to get some professional advice and get the most of your time.